Solution for Real Estate Private Lenders: Crowdfund Insider

Constuction rehab financing

The real estate crowdfunding platforms continue to grow even in a sluggish market. Commercial real estate sales have leveled off, still risk managed investors can leverage when others fear to tread.  Real estate crowdfunding is here to stay , it is just a question of moving from the “mom & pop” property investments to the commercial, industrial, business property sector.


In truth many of the original realty crowdfunding platforms have moved to attracting deal with large capital rich investment groups to fund larger deals. The capacity of investment property crowdfunding to overshadow traditional financing moves ever closer to the for front.


Only time will tell if the present government will loosen the legislation even further for private realty financing companies. Below is an article from crowdfund insider about another new realty crowdfunding site….

The Shareline Solution allows private lenders the ability to utilize Sharestates warehouse lines and lending capabilities to directly service their clients under their own brand, while Sharestates holds the underlying paper and servicing rights.


Sharestates is one of the largest real estate crowdfunding platforms in the US today. The platform has helped to finance over $450 million with 90% of this capital in senior debt. In 2016, Sharestates annual returns averaged 10.47%.  The company’s website states that crowdfunded loan approvals may be completed in less than 48 hours with funding in as little as four days.


“As the company expands its geographical footprint, it saw great demand for this kind of product. We took the process, referred to in traditional banking as correspondent lending, and gave it our own unique touch,” stated Sharestates CEO Allen Shayanfekr. “Since private lenders are not in the business of brokering loans, we created a financial product that meets their needs and goals, and contributes to our long-term goal of being a trusted source of lending across the country.” read more at